KOL ISHAH - The Rabbi is a Woman
KOL ISHAH - Der Rabbi ist eine Frau
2010 USA/A DVCam 38 min.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Hannah Heer
Editor/Sound/Co-Cinematographer/Co-Producer: Werner Schmiedel
Co-Production with ORF

This documentary provides rare insight into the workings of the rabbinical world, as envisioned, enriched and experienced by four women rabbis: Rabbi Laura Geller (Los Angeles), Rabbi Judith Hauptman (New York), Rabbi Elisa Klapheck (Frankfurt & Amsterdam), Rabbi Chava Koster (New York).

Film Festival:
Vienna Jewish Film Festival, Wien, 2010 (Austria)

Die Kunst des Erinnerns: Simon Wiesenthal
1995 A/USA 16mm 95 min.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Hannah Heer
Co-Director/Producer/Editor/Sound: Werner Schmiedel
Co-Production with ORF

"A film that builds its case with quiet force and intellectual acuity, The Art of Remembrance: Simon Wiesenthal is far removed from the sort of standard-issue hagiography that clutters the documentary field. Skillfully directed by Hannah Heer and Werner Schmiedel, with original music from John Zorn, the '95 documentary puts Wiesenthal at its center less to glorify one man's work than to inquire into the moral imperative of that work. Wiesenthal, a onetime architect, began his crusade -- "justice, not revenge" -- right after the end of the war, and almost by accident. The chance discovery of a street sign bearing the words Eichmann & Sons set Wiesenthal on a search that, 15 years later, led to the arrest of one of those most responsible for the "final solution." Over the years, Wiesenthal has tirelessly pursued other war criminals, lobbied Germany (somewhat successfully) and Austria (far less so) to make amends, and helped to organize human-rights organizations, including the one that bears his name. In the end, what makes Wiesenthal a remarkable citizen of the 20th century is not so much his role as a "Nazi hunter", but his morality. Wiesenthal's sense of righteousness and of keeping the past present has been his greatest answer to the Shoah."
--Manohla Dargis, LA Weekly

* US Premiere at The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle 1995 (USA)
Denver International Film Festival, 1995 (USA)
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, 1995 (Brasil)
International Documentary Film Festival, Mumbai, 1996 (India)
Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, 1997 (USA)
Kind of Blue Jazz Film Festival, Milano, 1998 (Italy)

Ein Dorf in der Stadt

1999 A/USA Betacam 20 min.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Hannah Heer
Co-Director/Producer/Editor/Sound: Werner Schmiedel
Co-Production with ORF

This short film captures the every day life flavor of the most exciting multicultural neighborhood in New York City. It is an account of ordinary people living in one of the hottest districts in Manhattan today: on the border of Little Italy, Soho and Noho, there is a small and almost intimate area between Mulberry Street, Mott Street, Elizabeth Street, and Houston and Spring Street.

Der andere Blick
1991 A/USA 16mm 125 min.
Co-Production with ORF

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Hannah Heer
Co-Director/Producer/Editor/Sound: Werner Schmiedel

"This breakthrough filmessay explores the strange case of G.W.Pabst, the Austrian Film Director who was considered a giant of early cinema before his reputation went behind a cloud. The film takes us through his work with Garbo and Louise Brooks, and his making of such classics as "Pandora's Box", "The Joyless Street", and "The Threepenny Opera". But this is no ordinary film tribute. For "The Other Eye", Hannah Heer and Werner Schmiedel, have evolved a rich visual language new to the documentary field, using a elaborate color structure that reflects not only various moods but different periods of time. The film's jazzy style and sophisticated narration probes unflinchingly the controversy surrounding Pabst: What possessed this liberal, cosmopolitan filmmaker to return to Austria in 1939 and direct movies for the Third Reich?"
--THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL 1991, Film Society of Lincoln Center

"One of the most resourceful and visionary biography films to come along in recent memory..." --Telluride Film Festival 1991

"I was strongly impressed with the high standard of work done by Ms Heer and Mr Schmiedel." -- Fred Zinnemann

* US-Premiere at The New York Film Festival (Film Society of Lincoln Center)

Film Festivals:
The New York Film Festival, 1991 (USA)
The Telluride Film Festival, 1991 (USA)
The Berlin Film Festival, 1992 (Germany)
The Jerusalem International Film Festival, 1992 (Israel)
Valladolid Film Festival, 1992 (Spain)

Leben nicht als Film vor Augen
1983/84 16mm 15 min.

by Werner Schmiedel
Gefördert durch die Filmförderung Hamburg

An experimental color film showing superimposed images and extreme colors created only through the substantiality of the video material. A dream tape of stories made for the night, tales of past times - and - the search for lost emotions...

Ein experimentieller Farbfilm, der Bildüberlagerungen und extreme Farben zeigt, die nur durch die Eigenartigkeit und Stofflichkeit des verwendetetn Videomaterials entstehen. Ein Film, der keine lineare Geschichte erzählt: ein Traumband der laufenden Ereignisse, Geschichten für die Nacht, Erzählungen von vergangenen Zeiten - und - die Suche nach den verlorenen Gefühlen...

Film Festivals:
Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage - Informationstage mit Filmen aus der BRD und Berlin (West), Oberhausen (1984)
Hamburger Filmschau (1984)


1982/83 Video 60 min.

Werner Schmiedel
Gefördert durch die Filmförderung Hamburg

BESETZUNGSPROBE ist die Dokumentation des ersten in dieser Art stattgefundenen Theaterfestivals der Freien Theatergruppen Hamburgs im Malersaal des Deutschen Schauspielhauses (Kampnagel) in der Zeit vom 5. Oktober – 10. Oktober 1982. Beteiligt waren 31 Gruppen aus der freien Theaterszene Hamburgs, die an 6 Tagen von 15 Uhr bis Mitternacht ein sehr unterschiedliches und vielfältiges Programm boten.

Film Festivals:
Hamburger Filmschau (1984)

Sieben Gärtner in der Wüste

1981/82 Video 60 min.

Werner Schmiedel

Mit: Lothar Kompenhans, Gerald Uhlig, Olivia Rüdinger, Michaela Uhlig, Günter Engelmann, Karen Böhne, Nikolaus Krzyszycha, Dana Davic, Margret Koch, Elettra de Salvo, Jürg Fehr, Margarete Sieveking, Oliver Blank, Doris Prilop, Ray Reyes, Jochen Köhler, Michael Kratsch, Susanne Cahn, Ingrid Scheerer, Petra Schmidt, Albert Brehl, Gudrun Reber, und Peter Hahn.

"Wie gering der Anlaß zur Überschwenglichkeit gerade in unserer Gegenwart ist, hat Werner Schmiedel in seinem Videotape “Sieben Gärtner in der Wüste” überzeugend nachgewiesen. Ein Band, dem in diesem Zusammenhang doppelter Stellenwert zukommt, reflektiert es doch vergleichbar einem “persönlichen Essay” Einstellungen des Theaters. “Sieben Wochen Probearbeit der Theatergruppe Nanaqui am Theater am Turm in Frankfurt/Main während des heißen Herbstes” (Kampf um die Startbahn West) an der Inszenierung des Stückes: “Nie wieder Pentesilea” von Gerald Uhlig, frei nach Heinrich von Kleist, werden dem Betrachter vorgeführt. Vergleichbar einem Protokoll wird das Geschehen vor dem Betrachter ausgebreitet.
--Georg F. Schwarzbauer, Video in Düsseldorf

Film Festivals:
"NRW-Sonderprogramm", Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen (D)

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